Whether you are involved with helicopters for a VIP or Head of State role,
or integrating a helicopter aboard your yacht or at your private estate,
we are here to ensure you enjoy the highest level of service and value.

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& Advice

Our consultancy services
can guide you through any part of your helicopter or luxury yacht project.

Vessel Build
Oversight Services

Air integration is often overlooked or underestimated during a build. Keep an expert nearby to pre-empt avoidable problems.

Helicopter Acquisition
or Sale Oversight

Many aspects of an acquisition or sale can be overlooked. We can help you with negotiation, research, customisation, and the rest.

Snap Shot
Integration Reports

We can provide you with a comprehensive overview of the capability to integrate helicopters onto your yacht, before, during or after a build or purchase.

Other Professional

We can create professional consulting reports to support any of your projects, including: Lifestyle Assessment, Helicopter Compatibility Evaluation, Flight Management, Flight Operations, Heli-Yacht Operations.

Audits and Risk

Many incidents can be avoided by implementing appropriate precautionary measures. Our experts can show you problem areas and help you minimise your risk.

Vessel Air

We can help create the Air Specifications that you will need to ensure the helicopter-capability of your vessel build project.


A commercially certified helideck not only allows charter helicopters to land on your yacht, but will also increase your re-sale value.

Training &

We will help you create a safe and efficient operation but providing the appropriate training and procedure implementation.

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