Nigel is involved with a number of both local and international charity projects. Wings like Eagles and Manx Youth opportunities are established charitable causes. The Bakery, Soups to Sorbets and Beach Buddies are Isle of Man projects focused upon getting young people beyond work experience into a real commercial venture and are designed at the very least to act as incubators to the real world of work. They are all works in progress.



Wings Like Eagles African Charity

Wings is an international charity founded in the UK working principally in South East Africa. It is focused upon providing a quick reaction helicopter support mission to what is the most flood stricken area of the world. (


MYO Manx Youth Opportunities

MYO was founded to act as a catalyst towards helping young people on the Isle of Man who are not in Education or Employment into work placement and ultimately a job. As an organisation it is seeking to engage with the Isle of Man Government, schools and the private sector to identify young people in need of help at the earliest stage and then engage with them. This mentoring engagement can be on a one to one basis or within a company. (


Soups to Sorbets

Soups to Sorbets is a high quality prepared food delivery service. It involves a food production unit and an island based delivery service. It combines food preparation with logistics management. The idea is that the food and service industries provide a great incubator environment for young people to advance into the workplace. The business will be initially managed by experienced food production and logistics professional with a young workforce that will rotate through the business after a significant, paid work placement period of not just weeks but months. Any young person who wishes to remain in the business will be further trained and encouraged to take on a management role. Get in touch if you would like to be involved with this project.


The Bakery

We have identified on the island that the provision of artisanal breads is a potential market sector that could be developed. To this end we are seeking to develop a new bakery that would be focused on this opportunity. A bread production unit selling first class artisanal breads into the major retailers on the island. The attraction of the business is that the technology of production is not too advanced, training of staff can be integrated from a single experienced baker, and the market is receptive to choice.


Other interests

Family, Golf, Motor Cycles, bIcycle riding, Beach cleaning, Airstream caravans.